The Social Round-Up: December’s Top 5 Stories

The Social Round-Up: December’s Top 5 Stories



The world of social media sure is fast-paced. Week-on-week things can change, from trends, to how to use certain features and to make things confusing – the names of them (eg when Facebook Canvas switched to Instant Experience…just cuz).

As marketers, it’s incredibly important to keep ahead of the game and up-to-date with changes to each different platform. Not only for our own personal knowledge, but to ensure we continue to use each platform to its full potential, create top quality social posts, and therefore generate the best possible results for clients.

So, to help you keep on top of this ever-changing sphere, each month we round-up the essential updates which we’ve come across.

Facebook adds new CTA stickers to stories

Yes, that’s right, Facebook is still focussing on making its Story feature the next big thing. It seems they will keep adding different features to it until it is.

Facebook has recently updated the feature to allow Business Pages to add Call To Action buttons to their stories. There is a selection of options available, including ‘Shop Now’ and ‘Get Directions’, which aim to encourage viewers to click through and follow the link. It represents a really positive change for any brands already dipping their feet into Facebook stories, and it might be the addition needed to encourage more to join.

Read more about the update here.

Facebook brings stories to groups

Oh lookanother Story update!

This update allows different members in the group to add to the story, which can then be seen by everyone in it. However, to keep content under check, Group Moderators will be able to approve or decline content before its posted.

This is great for building up excitement within a group, and great for those who aim to build a community amongst followers.

Read more about the update here.

Facebook takes a little inspiration from Pinterest

Sharing is caring, and with so many different ways to share with friends across each platform, it can be hard to settle on one. Do you Insta Story your engagement or Facebook Life Event it?! Alternatively, for when you want to share a funny video on Facebook, do you tag a friend in the comments, or direct message it?! To make matters more confusing, this recent update from Facebook has added another option to the mix.

You can now save posts to a collection and share that collection with friends. Much like you can share a Pinterest board. Great for sharing with those who have similar interests with you.

Read more about the update here.

Influencers only…sorry! Instagram tests new accounts for those with a high following

Influencers are thriving on Instagram, and the social platform is testing out a way to give them even more authority. They are trialling a new type of account aimed at such users, with a high social following.

The accounts are set to provide influencer accounts with different analytics tools, new ways to customise profiles and tools to filter messages – particularly good for filtering out spam or negative messages.

There’re still questions around what is considered a high enough number of followers to receive such privileges, and whether brand/business pages with a high following will also receive the same option. However, it’s still an exciting test, and once again highlights the significance influencers hold within our industry.

Read more about the update here.

Instagram adds new Story Stickers, to add to its growing collection

Somehow, Instagram is managing to continue adding Stickers to its story function, and still avoid it becoming too gimmicky. Hats off! Two new updates landed to the feature in December – Countdown and Music Sharing.

The Countdown sticker does exactly what it says on the tin. Users can enter a title to label what they’re counting down to, a time and a date.  A fun way to build up excitement towards a significant event.

The new Music Sharing function is an update to the already popular Questions sticker. Users can now select whether they want written answers to their question, or song suggestions.

What else can Instagram possibly add to their Story feature? They really are nailing it and have completely changed the way users consume content. It’s predicted that over the next year, Instagram is focussing on making stories even more interactive, so we’re excited to see further updates unfold.

Read more about the update here.


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