The Social Round-Up: September’s Top 5 Stories

The Social Round-Up: September’s Top 5 Stories



Things in Content move fast and keeping up-to-date with this social platform and that social platform can be difficult. So, how do you move with the times and the tech to make sure you are delivering creative content that counts? It’s hard enough to be a digital marketer who might have to ditch a strategy at the shift of a platform algorithm; so we present these updates with practical thinking around how to make these changes and new updates work for you and your content consuming audience.

So, without further ado, here’s our Top 5 for this month:

Facebook spruces up its Canvas feature

Yes, you heard us, Facebook has decided to give its well-known ‘Canvas’ format a slight make-over, including giving it a brand new name. We give to you (drum roll please) Facebook’s ‘Instant Experience’! So, what’s new we hear you ask? Well, not a lot really. It’s the same format, where you can build the Instant Experience using a range of formats (carousel, panoramic, etc.). Facebook has, however, introduced some new templates tailored to certain industry sectors, to get more usage across brands.

Find out more about Facebook Instant Experience

Instagram’s hashtags go undercover

Do you follow certain IG accounts that clog their captions/comments with as many mildly relatable hashtags as possible? Yes, us too! Well, it appears that Instagram may soon be abolishing the lines of hashtags for all to see with a new update they’re currently testing. It will apparently allow users to embed the hashtags into their post instead of adding them to the caption or comment box. This could be a smart move from Instagram, and a great step towards a neater looking newsfeed.

Watch this space, and read more about it.

Instagram plans to launch another separate app from the mothership

That’s right, as Instagram’s IGTV was such a roaring success… *tumbleweed*… the company now plan to expand their shopping function onto a separate platform too. I’m sure we’re all now familiar with well-known brands littering their images with  shopping buttons, allowing you to click all over said image to find out how much that armchair, throw and cushion all cost. (Heads up: They’re probably way out of all our price ranges, sadly.) So far, it’s been a well-received function, but Instagram want to move this to their own space, aptly titled ‘IG Shopping’. Will you be downloading yet-another-Instagram-app on its release?

This update could work really well for e-commerce brands looking for a concentrated platform away from the normal in-feed posts that Instagram also hold. In theory, IG Shopping’s users will be there for the sole purpose of shopping, which could help a growing brand.

Find out more about Instagram’s stand-alone shopping app.

Twitter tests up and down voting on Tweets

Twitter has been spotted testing a new function, allowing users to vote up or down on Tweets. This may appear quite strange from the platform, who have recently tried to abolish as much negativity as possible. This could be seen as a step in the wrong direction. Allowing users to positively and negatively vote, you can only imagine the kind of reactions Trump’s tweets will get from this function… Will you be using this new voting system? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Read all about Twitter thumbs.

Twitter focuses on audio in its latest live stream update

In a world where social media is almost completely a visual experience, Twitter have decided to trial something new within the live streaming sector, to focus purely on audio in what can only be described as a Podcast-esque style. You still have the option to have video and audio, but this update allows you to listen on the move if need be. It’ll be interesting to see if Twitter set the benchmark for other social platforms to follow.

This could really take the strain off of all things visual across social media, as it’s not every brand’s best or preferred way of communicating. This allows a voice to be heard without putting a face with it.

Read about Twitter’s audio shift.

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