The Social Round-Up: November’s Top 5 Stories

The Social Round-Up: November’s Top 5 Stories



With a new month comes a plethora of exciting updates from the world of social. Of course, we can’t share each and every one with you, so instead we’ve chosen our favourite updates which we feel are mighty important for you to read about.

So, without further ado, here’s our Top 5 from November:

Facebook tests video polls within ads

An update worthy of a like! A really on-trend new feature could be coming to Facebook ads soon in the shape of video polls. In a world where users are becoming more and more familiar with different types of interaction techniques across platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, video polls will blend in perfectly. This could allow brands to gauge some genuine user intel by being clever with these polls to see what consumers may favour in terms of styles, flavours, colours, etc.

Read the full article here to discover more.

Facebook tests feature to show multiple brands in one ad

A controversial update from Facebook, as they’ve recently begun testing a carousel ad format which displays multiple brands as you swipe through the unit. Understandably, this isn’t sitting well with some brands, due to the way they utilise Facebook’s ad space; but for consumers this could create a better experience when browsing brands in app, in turn keeping them in the Facebook app for longer instead of them flitting in and out.

Find out about the ins and outs of this update here.

Instagram tests ‘tapping’ through posts

An interesting one from Instagram in terms of the apps evolution, as they’re currently testing the ability to tap through posts as opposed to scrolling down a feed. Personally, this could add a more engaging touch to the app, giving users instant content as they tap – which works really well for Stories – so whether they’ll roll this out to the wider app is to be confirmed. Currently this test is just for the Explore tab, but time will tell!

Find out about the potential new world of tapping here.

Instagram adds options to share IGTV content through Stories

IGTV just isn’t getting the attention it craves, and as a result Instagram is finding more and more ways to pigeon-hole the IGTV content in to the main app. And this time, it’s through Stories. The new function could allow users to share their IGTV videos through the Stories platform to encourage users to explore the sister app. Let’s not hold our breath on this one.

Read the article in full here.

Twitter makes updates in hope of increasing engagement

Twitter is yet again looking to break the mould in the social hemisphere, this time by testing a series of new engagement techniques to get users actually using the platform. They’re looking for conversation starters aside from trending topics such as ice-breakers and presence indicators. Both seem quite open-ended currently, but could lead to good things.

To get in the know, read the full article here.

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