Dad’s the word too

Dad’s the word too



At last! Brands are finally starting to acknowledge the existence – and importance – of dads. For several years I’ve had the pleasure of writing about motherhood – a topic close to my heart. But even I, someone who thinks mums are the most amazing things since disposable nappies, have always thought it unfair that dads don’t get a look-in when it comes to parenting advice.

The moment I found out I was pregnant, I started reading up on what to expect. My partner didn’t. So I bought him a book: The Expectant Dad’s Survival Guide. Armed with a humorous manual, he gained insight and found reassurance. And best of all, he started to feel like a dad.

We did NCT classes together, prepared the house and practised breathing techniques. Then our precious little bundle arrived and life changed forever.

Weeks and months later, my baby club emails kept on coming. He got nothing (except more sleep than me). So as my maternity leave came to an end, I started to wonder how on earth he was going to manage with our not-yet-one-year-old, once a week for a whole day.

Thanks to our NCT group, he had other dads’ shoulders to cry on, and an outlet for the exploding nappy and cranky wife stories! But that was where the support stopped. Shame. Dads need help too.

Now, two years into our parenting journey, ‘dadvice’ sites are popping up all over the place. My favourite blog site, Selfish Mother, has branched out to include dads. Fathers Inc. provides an accessible support network/sounding board for dads, covering all sorts of topics. Then there’s Plum Organics’ Parents (Unfiltered), with its video clips of real dads sharing their honest, heartfelt and downright funny experiences on camera.

Dads are heroes (mine is anyway!) so let’s give them the information, support and superpowers they need to carry out this very important role. We’re currently looking at more content for dads with our baby club clients. So hang on in there, there’s lots of good stuff to come!

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