15 content marketing tools to supercharge your customer relationships

15 content marketing tools to supercharge your customer relationships



BLUENOD: ‘Visualize Twitter communities and find influencers’

Create visual representations of your Twitter connectedness and identify relevant influencers, content opportunities and Twitter list management.


ANSWERTHEPUBLIC: ‘Ask the Seeker. Enter your keyword and he’ll suggest content ideas in seconds’

Is this the gimmickiest SEO tool you ever will see? Yes. Is it still useful under the hood? Yes. SEO is a game of supply and demand. Supply the answers with content that users demand and which is yet to be produced.


ICONOSQUARE: ‘Key metrics about your Instagram account’

Given that Instagram is next to useless for stats and metrics (unless you have a business profile), use this to standardise reporting.


FAQFOX: ‘Is your marketing research lacking?’

In a similar set-up to Answer The Public, this tool is useful for keyword, topic and content opportunity research.


APESTER: ‘The next generation of digital storytelling’

Embed interactivity with polls and more with Apester to find your audience’s voice.


MAPME: ‘Build smarter maps’

A touch of the geography never hurt anybody. Create, populate and annotate maps to enrich content with informative visuals.


HEISENBERG IPSUM: ‘Placeholder Text with added Meth’

Need some inspirational copy to fill those text placeholders beyond Lorem Ipsum? Fill those boxes with quotes, dialogue and more Breaking Bad goodness.


FANPAGE KARMA: ‘Analyze and improve social media profiles’

Analyse Facebook profiles and those of your competitors to gain insights, benchmark performance and access reporting that makes a difference.


QUARTZ: ‘News in a whole new way’

Ever wondered what journalism would look like if it existed natively within your iPhone? Whether this is journalism reimagined or just the same old content in a new skin, it certainly offers an alternative for those who might want to consume news in such a manner.


HUM: ‘Thousands of your future customers are on Twitter. Find them with Hum.’

Hum allows you to use a ‘people-first’ approach to connect with the right people and content relevant to your niche on Twitter.


KW FINDER: ‘Find long tail keywords with low SEO competition’

Discover the rich opportunities to create content that your audience is demanding and make it stand out from the noise of existing content with some quick SEO analysis.


QUACKIT: ‘Your ultimate HTML resource’

A fantastic mix of resources, tutorials and tools for getting your HTML just right.


TONEAPI: ‘Write better by optimising content for emotion’

Identify the most relevant tone and copy, based on emotionally intelligent insights. Let APIs determine the emotional dynamics that will deliver for you and your reader.


POSTREACH: ‘Gain insight into how far your content is spreading and the people who amplify it on Twitter’

Postreach will monitor your content for Twitter shares (despite Twitter stopping others allowing such functionality). Identify who amplifies your content and deliver great analytical reporting.


MILLION SHORT: ‘What haven’t you found?’

A search engine that delivers results with the big search engine player results removed. Take out the top 100, 1K, and more results to unearth something different.


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